Thursday, February 26, 2009



個人意見 - 唔系好準,準確度大概五成。


*腦筋比較保守死板,不容易變通 雖然我思想可能有d保守死板,但如果你說得服我嘅話,我都好樂意接受新事物。

*外表溫訓文靜的樣子,但是外柔內剛型 從來無念過自己外表係溫訓文靜, 咁講法有d搞笑。





*雖然容易溝通,但不一定會妥協,給人有種難以捉摸的感覺 是否真係“給人有種難以捉摸的感覺” - 我就唔系好清楚。 不過果人認為我係個簡單人。


*跟自己有關的事會很積極,若無關就完全不理會 “跟自己有關的事會很積極,若無關就完全不理會”, 我有無咁自私啊?

*是個給人第一印象很好的女孩子 好印象呢家嘢, 係就最好啰!


Monday, February 23, 2009

long time no blog

for almost 2 months, i had not written anything on here. even photos taken during these 2 months had decreased significantly. just so not like me at all. my passion for writing and photography had taken a back seat. not that i had been extremely busy, it was worst 3-4 months ago, but still i had been able to find time to write and take photos.

so, what happened? nothing really. just that my life has changed gears and is trottling along at a slower pace. life in the workplace is still as hectic, with year end closing, audit and all - but i managed to keep to one of my 2009 resolutions 90% of the time, ie to leave work latest by 7pm. after work though, i am physically exhausted. and are taking things slowly and more leisurely.

of course, not having any freelance assignments currently had slowed me down quite a bit as well.

still, i am indulging in some thing i love to do - reading. over these 2 months, i have finished reading 5 books, now on to Chapter 4 of my current book. those 5 books were books that i felt the desire to re-read: The Lord of the Rings trilogy and two others by John Grisham. now i am reading a newly published book by Giddens 九把刀. and i have just bought 3 new books yesterday while poking around MPH.

i hope to catch up on my other 2 passions soon... i just need some inspiration and fresh ideas, which may be sparked off by more reading. so it's back to books for now...