Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 CNY ads in Malaysia (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Many people will find TNB's ad this year so true in their families, especially when you have cross-generations gathering.

In my household, even when the dishes are already nicely served, it is quite a challenge at times to distract my nieces and nephew (i.e. those born in/after the 90s) from whatever activities they are indulging in - online games, videos, social media, so on so forth. Hmm... maybe I should ask mum to do what the grandma did in the advert.

Kia did a tri-series of ad, see if you can catch the humour AND the moral of each story.

There are a couple of other ads as well, but the following short story caught my attention while I was researching for this entry. Good one.

Whether you return home (as in your parents' home if you are not staying with them) daily or once a year, do know that you really do not need to wait for the right time. For this I am grateful to my family, that I can just go home any time; that I don't even need to give them a call beforehand to make an appointment. I know there are people around me who have misunderstanding with their parents or siblings; and because of the grievances and hurt they have avoided going home, even during festive times like these when reunion is the main theme. I wish that they will be healed from the bitterness, blood is always thicker than water; and that their families will be reunited once more.

May you have a new year filled with love and joy, have a 马(mar)velous year!

Down memory lane...
2013 CNY ads Parts 1 and 2

Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 CNY ads in Malaysia

About a year ago, I have blogged about the CNY ads that were aired locally. In fact I made two blog posts about it.

To continue the 'tradition', let's look at what we have for this year of the Horse.

First up and my fave, 'Young Hearts' brought to us by Petronas.

Personally this ad reminded me that there is always a child within us. I always complain tell people (consciously or otherwise) that how my mother (she is 73 this year, bless her!) is becoming more and more like a child; so much so it seems like I have switched roles with her, I sound more like her mother these days.

At the same time this ad as heart warming as it is, brought a tinge of sadness to my heart as I wonder whether I will ever have that someone to grow old (and young again) with; or whether I will be alone to the last of my days. *deep breaths* No thinking about negative stuffs, live each day to the fullest and be happy the best I could.

Ok, next up - the Lion's Club did a different take on CNY advert last year - this year they are back with the sequel to 'The Promise'.

It's a sad ending but a good reminder of how some of our parents are abandoned and not cared for. This brought to mind the recent development that a filial piety law was to be passed in the country to protect aged parents. It is a shame if you ask me that a law needs to be passed for a virtue that was supposed to be part of our heritage; a trait that was supposedly built-in within us.

Coincidentally I have just finished reading the book by Amy Chua - The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. In one part, the author highlighted the contrast of the Western and Chinese cultures. Some of the Western parents would hold the thought that their children are not 'obligated' to care for them when they are old, the children's obligation is only to the next generation and it goes on like that. On the contrary, the Chinese (or most Asian) culture had it that just as the parents have worked hard to care for and nurture the child, the child 'owes' it to their parents to take care for them the same way. Personally, I am skewed towards the Chinese behaviour (if you can call it that) but I do not feel it is because I owe it to them; rather it is 'just because'. Just because they are my parents, I will care for them. No why, no questioning of whether they have done anything to merit my love and attention for them, just 'just because'.

(Hmm... this post was supposed to be about the CNY ads for the year... let's get back on track)

I think somehow, good touching CNY ads can't run far from linking in with family ties and filial piety, here's the one from Eu Yan Sang.

And this one from Naga DDB is funny, 2014 is not a good year so it is to be replaced by 2013A ... aiyo, like that also can ah?! LOL

Stay tuned for the second part of this in the next post (which hopefully I will complete before the 15 days of celebration end next Friday, today is the 9th day in case you lost count).

马年亨通,万马奔腾, wishing all a happy and prosperous new year.