Friday, June 28, 2013


Life's bittersweetness is like this glass of 4-layer tea, one's incomplete without the other, ccomplementing one another.  To enjoy my rainbow, I need to experience the rain, and even perhaps go through a storm like the stirring of the drink. It will be a sweet ending nevertheless, once I get over the bitterness. And I will be okay.

Just came back from the first step of settling the big task I mentioned about yesterday - spent about half an hour crying my heart out and chatting with bestie, took a nice long shower, and here I am. I feel better now. I know the road ahead may not be all smooth and straight, but I am prepared - anywhere worth going is worth the journey. And I know I am heading to the right direction. A leap over the hurdle, a skip to escape the mud, a climb up the tough slope... soon I will be there, as long as I don't give up and I won't.

To cheer myself up, went for a hair cut this morning.
Before - my last haircut was half a year ago
After - with shorter bangs and more layered sides & back. Sorry if I scared you with those dark eyed circles, didn't sleep too well last night.
The stylist suggested that I do a setting perm - but I guess I will only do that later. May need some more hair-venly therapy later, if the going gets tough or otherwise to celebrate. Hmmm...maybe I'd just go with the idea to give myself a birthday present 3 months down the road :)

Will be back soon to share about my recent trip, stay tuned!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am back

I am back and clear skies followed :)

The haze seems to have cleared for now, it was bad earlier in the week, so much so schools were called off - if not mistaken, worst in 16 years! Am glad that the timing of my trip was just right on dot - the places I was in were hot and sunny, haze-free.

More to come later about my recent getaway.

Right now, I have to concentrate and pick up where I left off before I went away.

A great task coming up tomorrow (one of my resolutions this year - didn't accomplish it last year, so it was postponed to this year). In fact, it had been postponed for almost 5 years now! I am a procrastinator, I admit; but this task I want to do take all of my guts and courage. It's not easy, not difficult, just overwhelmingly emotion straining.

My earlier FB status summed it all:

Please if you pray, pray with me that it will work out the best way. If you don't, cross all your fingers and toes and whatever-you-can-cross for me. Thanks much.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well...almost. Gotta run out and get some anti-motion sickness meds...just in case.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I can't see clearly now

The haze season is back. With a vengeance. Thankfully the last two days were quite breezy, so the air index in Klang Valley improved compared to over the last weekend. Johore and our southern neighbour, Singapore are having it much worst.

To those who may not know, it has been years now - that at this time of the year, due to the direction of the wind - smoke from forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia, will cause air pollution to hit unhealthy levels in several places on the Malaysian peninsula.

Though it is less hazy these few days, I can feel the dryness in my throat and my eyes feel so dry (plus the fact of I am working extra hard staring at my work PC for at least 10 hours a day, due to overwhelming work load and also because I will be away soon).

I have got a cute mask which I am definitely gonna use if I am outdoor. Cute, no? My friend got it for us during our trip to Bali some years ago as we were supposed to visit a volcanic area. The masks help to filter out the terrible sulphuric odour.
I have got the pink one!
Hmm...maybe I should it match it with a nice eye mask

Anyway, am really feeling kinda stressed out with things at work. That and also slightly demotivated over some Management's decision. Oh, well... can't exactly 'take-it-or-leave-it' so gotta live with it.

My day was brightened by a simple note from fellow colleague/friend. Thank God for placing people like these around me.
Took a photo, edited it and sent it back to her
Also 'helping' myself destress by thinking up of creative out-of-office auto replies, sent it to someone who commented "Nice one, Cheryl. But you are gonna get it from your boss when you are back, so don't try it!"

The auto reply I had in mind was "Nope, I am not around. Yes, I am having FUN!!! while you are sending me this work email. Boo!"

So, can't do that and back to the same old boring non-creative polite auto reply: I am on leave and will be back XXXXXX. Your email will not be auto-forwarded. Meanwhile, should your matter requires immediate attention, please contact: XXXXXX. Have a nice day."

Totally random blog post...I know. Thanks for reading to the end.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fast & Furious

Nope, I have not seen the movie. The current situation at work now is just that - fast & furious. Work is piling, never ending ad-hoc tasks. Deadlines are continuously being brought forward.

Am just now looking forward to the coming weekend. Will be my first time to go on a cruise. Will be embarking in Penang, pit-stops at Phuket & Krabi. I have been to Phuket once, and I loved the place. Hmm, definitely on must-do list are food hunting! It's been some years but the taste of these are so memorable!
Waffles! Pic from my last trip there 5 years ago. In pic are two of my travel buddies.
Also, of late, I have discovered some other yummy Thai food which I hope to reminisce.
Super sweet mini pineapple, slightly bigger than my fist.

Luk Chup - colourful Thai dessert with mung bean paste as filling.
It will be my first trip to Krabi though. Perhaps I won't do much but just to chill at the beach. Not sure what to expect yet, but I am sure it will be both an adventure, and a memorable trip.

Now's the time to start the countdown. Sunblock - check, hat - check, comfy shoes - check, sexy swimwear - check, wait, uncheck! I am travelling with mom, oops. Lol.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Planner

Alright, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Time flies, the cliche, but so true. School holiday's coming to an end, 2 more days to go.

If you have no inkling on what to do - bring your kids and the kid in you to the malls around town (I personally think we need to get back to nature more, but the weather in Klang Valley these days is still kinda hot, so I'd rather stay indoors).

You and your kids are spoiled with choices, you can choose to meet:
1) The Minions at Pavilion (Personal favourite)

2) The Man of Steel a.k.a. Superman at Mid Valley

3) The Monster Inc gang at Sunway Pyramid

4) Barbie at the Curve

Any more? Which do you like best?

Make full use of the weekend ahead!