Friday, June 28, 2013


Life's bittersweetness is like this glass of 4-layer tea, one's incomplete without the other, ccomplementing one another.  To enjoy my rainbow, I need to experience the rain, and even perhaps go through a storm like the stirring of the drink. It will be a sweet ending nevertheless, once I get over the bitterness. And I will be okay.

Just came back from the first step of settling the big task I mentioned about yesterday - spent about half an hour crying my heart out and chatting with bestie, took a nice long shower, and here I am. I feel better now. I know the road ahead may not be all smooth and straight, but I am prepared - anywhere worth going is worth the journey. And I know I am heading to the right direction. A leap over the hurdle, a skip to escape the mud, a climb up the tough slope... soon I will be there, as long as I don't give up and I won't.

To cheer myself up, went for a hair cut this morning.
Before - my last haircut was half a year ago
After - with shorter bangs and more layered sides & back. Sorry if I scared you with those dark eyed circles, didn't sleep too well last night.
The stylist suggested that I do a setting perm - but I guess I will only do that later. May need some more hair-venly therapy later, if the going gets tough or otherwise to celebrate. Hmmm...maybe I'd just go with the idea to give myself a birthday present 3 months down the road :)

Will be back soon to share about my recent trip, stay tuned!

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