Monday, January 11, 2010

Continuing 2009 Revisited - July to Dec


Before moving on to July - just realised that I have missed quite a bit of happenings in June.

Church Camp in Malacca was one. Still craving for the cendol and fish ball salad now and again.

The other was the 1-day VBS we organised for the great kids from Jenjarom.


Half a year gone. I thought hopes were high, but it's only my thought. Nothing has worked out as yet.

Memorable in July was also the Northern excursion. Looking forward to more road trips ahead.


Was really thinking hard whether to resign from my job at PPBOP. Same old shit vs crazy old shit. Then decided to stay ... at least until the performance appraisal 2 months later.


Suffering a self esteem loss on the photography front. Felt that my photos suck. Sigh.


A busy month. A crazy month, actually. Mum was admitted to GH for 2 weeks.

The month I turned 33. Nothing much had changed - save for the age. A lonely birthday, but I am thankful to the friends who had shown that they cared. Still it was a meaningful day.

Decided to join AmBank and resigned from my job at PPBOP - an exceptionally difficult decision to make. Sad to be leaving all the friends and comforts - but happy to have a chance to make a change.


Took mum for a short holiday to Singapore.

Started a new era in AmBank.

Busy with practices for the Clickmas musical.


Super busy month on the job, with the VBS and Clickmas.

Ended the year with a quiet night with close friends and good sharing.

Overall, it was a good year, better than 2008. Even though there are certain puzzles that have yet to be solved, dreams that have yet to come true, wishes that have yet to be fulfilled - still, I know my life had been more meanigful. I have come to appreciate people around me even more. And I feel so blessed that these people truly care.

Welcome, 2010!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Revisited - Jan to June

Not too late to reflect on the past year...I am going to do it month by month, trying to recall the best I could.


Ooops... I am stuck already. *thinking hard, fingers drumming on the table*

I think it was a month of uncertainties - the start of a new year brings in new hope - but yet, my heart was like a raging sea. The doubts that I had back then were resolved by Sept though when the LDR ended officially.


Significant events - CNY and Valentine's - Enjoyed spending quality time with family and friends in the first, but had a lonesome in the second. Will this year be different?


Amidst the raging sea, had fun during the Putrajaya 1st International Hot Air Balloon Fest, where I got to ride on a hot air balloon! A first in my life :)

My best friend gave birth to her princess.


Finally laid my hands on my 'dream' :) It's an entry level DSLR, but I am contented.

Completed a banner project with the children from church. A first for all of us.


Embarassingly memorable was the climb up Broga.

Was also inspired to do a special presentation for Mothers' Day, which many had commented it pulled at their hearts' strings. I hope it did not stop there.


I am getting slightly distracted by someone, but I have yet to solve the conundrum to-date. There are moments when I think there is so much going on between us... and yet there are times when I feel that I am nothing more than just a friend to him.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Zero One Zero