Sunday, January 28, 2007

coke d remedy

i still think d best remedy for my coughing is drinking coke. my cough got better after i hv a bottle or two (those 500ml type). works better than cough syrup given by d clinic, which made me so drowsy after & no hangover effect.

& one advice - try not to take chicken when having cough. & have ample rest.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

very sick :(

last nite was a long nite. after lunch y'day, i began to feel sick - just felt so bloated & unwell. i couldnt finish my lunch, actually i had to force myself to eat as i had totally no appetite.

when i got home, all i felt was i wanted to sleep. felt so tired. it was terrible, d whole body is so weak & painful. i even vomitted twice.

still decided to come in to work today. my colleague told i look terrible, very pale. if my condition doesnt improve, i may take MC & go home.

Monday, January 22, 2007

coarse audio output

i think that's how i sound now. i recovered bits & parts of my voice - but still i dun sound like myself as yet.

still coughing on & off - causing sleepless nites or breaks in sleep. i cant sleep well & had to take time off work y'day. 2day, i m more rested & better... wish me speedy recovery, will u? thanks.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


wasnt feeling well y'day morning. when i came in - my office PC oso got sick. cant start d PC @ all. it kept on rebooting.

luckily, d IT guy managed to solve d problem after lunch & i finally get to use my PC again at ard 4.30pm!

i think i need lots of sleep. it's great that tomorrow is public hol - so tht means no work for me. after work today, am driving up to Bkt Tinggi for a short retreat. hopefully d weather is good, as it has been raining the past few evenings here in KL.

wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dance - love - sing - live

yes, this is how life should be...

Monday, January 15, 2007

it hurts so bad...

...i thot i m never gonna recover - but i will, i must.

for my own sake. i will. time will be my healer.

ch3ryl, move on.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

encouragement for myself

Monday, January 8, 2007


看完了這篇文章﹐心裡不由自覺的涌起一股感觸。。。such a sad piece of writing.



就是這一條河,就是那一點點的距離,令兩個人永遠無法真正靠近,永遠無法真正擁有對方。有時候,你未必一定會看見這條河,可是你一定會感覺到它的存在,淡淡的,隱隱的。有時候,兩情相悅之時或許你會暫時忘記它的存在,樂觀的想望、暫時的逃離,只是鏡頭一轉,河道經過千重迴旋之後,越過深山,穿過叢林。不經意間郤又在某個轉彎處突然出現,流水起伏,淅淅瀝瀝 是在提醒你,也是在警告你,這條河一直存在著,潛藏在你心田深處。








Thursday, January 4, 2007

resolutions, anyone?

gone were the days when i used to pen down my New Year's resolutions come mid- December.
as i was doing some spring cleaning couple of weeks ago, i came across a lot of my old stuffs - diaries, organisers, cards, letters, etc, etc - some of which i hv completely forgotten.

in one of those organisers, i found i hv actually written down a list of resolutions. if my memory does not fail me - that should be for the year 1993/94. wow! 13 years have gone by & look at me now! i hv grown - i hv changed - i no longer write new year resolutions. (not quite sure whether this is a good thing or not.)

as the 4th day of 2007 greets me, unknowingly i felt compelled to come up with some resolutions.

should it be to learn something new? should it be to earn more money? should it be to go some place i have never been before? should it be to do more charities?

think hard, ch3ryl...

hmm... i guess, simply put i just want to be a better person. but that's a wee bit too general, eh?

oh, wait! i just thought of something else...

A - to appreciate all blessings bestowed upon me & not take things for granted.
B - to be a better person, mayb not the best in your eyes, but i shall be the best i could be.
C - to have the courage to step forward & make a change - to stand up for what is right & to stand up for myself.
D - to be determined & not easily give up or stray from my goals.
E - to enjoy life in its true substance.
F - to be a friend. (in my life so many souls have touched my heart, i wish i could do the same)
i guess, that's about it. u dont expect me to write up to 'Z', do u?

A Moment for Reflections
All big man is a dreamer.
They see things in the soft haze of a spring day
or in the red fire of a long winter’s evening.
Some of us let great dreams die,
but others nourish and protect them,
nurse them through bad day
still they bring them to the sunshine and light
which comes always to those who sincerely hope
that their dreams will come true.