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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Facebook residents - Your chance to do good!

if you have a big heart but a shallow pocket - this is for you.
if you have wanted to help mankind, but have no time - this is for you.
if you just wanted to give back to society and dunno where to begin - this is for you.

fancy sitting right there, with a few taps on the keyboard and a few clicks on the mouse and TA-DAAAA u have helped one of these organisations get a donation of $50,000? no, this is NOT spamming. and u dont even have to give a cent.

read on.

The Western Union Foundation was created to help individuals, families and communities worldwide. The Foundation supports charitable giving programs, education and human services programs and humanitarian projects and relief efforts.

NOW there’s more work to be done, more charities to support, more money to send. Help them choose the charity to get $50,000.

the charitable orgainisations in the list are as follows:

1) CARE - Empowering women in the fight against poverty.

2) Accion USA - Transforming lives with microloans

3) Room to Read - Providing 200 years of girls education in the developing world.

4) Opportunity International - Microfinance. End poverty in Kenya now.

5) American Red Cross - Preventing, preparing for and responding to emergencies.

6) UNICEF - Whatever it takes to save a child.

7) World Vision - Building a better world for children.

all you need to do is go to “Facebook-Our World Gives”- and cast your vote. you have got one life - do something, do it now!

DO it, have got nothing to lose.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

happy birthday to me!

给亲爱的自己: 生日快乐 !

昨晚的我好迟训。。。为了等他的一通电话。 之前佢讲唔会打俾我,因为怕太夜,叫我先训。但係我话我会等。 结果放工到家都已经9点多。。。睇下电视,发下白日梦,唔惊唔觉就已经凌晨1点多。依然无乜睡意,但係觉得再唔训,怕今日训唔醒。
刚爬上床,电话就响起。係佢!!! 虽然係短短的几分钟,心里却很甜。 :)
已经半年无与佢见面,心里那份牵挂很难形容。 短短的一通电话足以让我带笑入睡。仿佛好似佢就係我身边,抱住一样。 唔知何时何日可以让呢果情景变为现实。
my birthday this year is much more happier than the last. even though last year - i celebrated it with a vacation, whilst i m slogging like a dog now, my heart is so much lighter. and because of that i am happy.
happiness could be so temporal, but true joy always spring from within. we could be enjoying ourselves with multitudes around us, but whether the feeling or the emotions stay - that's another matter.
just a phone call from a special someone could make me smile as i go to sleep. the few minutes brought hours, possibly days of warmth in the heart. :) hmmmm... i seem to be still on a 'high' that i couldnt really describe the special effect that phone call had on me.
just side track a little - as i was getting out of the house this morning to go to work, someone left two teddy bears at my door. sweet? the gesture - yes, but the giver isnt really someone on my good list. i know i sound ungrateful. actually the teddies were from my ex. it was a promise made by him, years ago - that to every country he flies to, he will bring back a teddy for me. when i saw the teddies, i felt neither happy nor sad. i just shrugged it off and rushed off to work. in my heart, i just felt that if he was one who had kept his promises back then, we could have still be together to this day. so what's the point of keeping the promises now?
good thing was that it didnt dampen my moods or anything. in fact, i feel i couldnt care less. well, at least he didnt go crazy and throw poisonous snakes at my door, right?
well... i m glad to say that i have returned the teddies to him. i just put them back at his door. he's actually staying next door ... i m just glad that i did that.
so...note to self:
happy birthday. have a blast, live a great life - coz you deserve one. do not let unworthy things or people distract you of your goals and dreams. remember, being happy is a choice. do what you need to do. live life the best you can.
(please dont say i m a self-obsessed 自恋狂 - i believe we need to be able to accept and love ourselves, before we can expect others to accept and love us)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

yummy evening that ended with rashes scare

Raspberry Chocolate Latte


last evening was great, finally get to meet up with a super good friend... havent seen her for at least half a year. food was nothing to shout about, the raspberry choc latte kept me, it made me crave for more :)

as we were sitting there, chatting and catching up... she noticed that there are rashes on my hands. it's kinda itchy, something like 风模. i didn't know what caused the rashes, hope it's not the drink coz i do plan to go and get another one to satisfy my craving. probably it's the food. coz another friend who was there with us commented that she sometimes get allergic reactions, after taking vegetarian food. well, i m not sure, coz this is not the first time i ate vegetarian food, and i have been to this place before, albeit quite a few years back.

after saying our bye byes, i decided to pop by the panel clinic on the way home. i dont want the rashes to flare up the next day. i had one bad experience with rashes, that forced me to take MC and stay home for 3 days, as the rashes will resurface when i m in air-conditioned and super cool room like the office. and it's not just the arms and legs, or the body, it even decided to pay a visit to my face. i dont want to risk looking like a monkey again, lol.

the doc gave me a jab, a bottle of calamine lotion with antibiotics and some anti-itch tablets... and i went home happily, still thinking abt the yummy raspberry choc latte. :)

thank goodness, my skin is clear now (touch wood!) ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lousy Cupid

(picture courtesy of bitter stickgirl)

isn't that how we feel sometimes? what's cupid doing? or rather what's cupid doing wrong?