Thursday, October 23, 2008

Facebook residents - Your chance to do good!

if you have a big heart but a shallow pocket - this is for you.
if you have wanted to help mankind, but have no time - this is for you.
if you just wanted to give back to society and dunno where to begin - this is for you.

fancy sitting right there, with a few taps on the keyboard and a few clicks on the mouse and TA-DAAAA u have helped one of these organisations get a donation of $50,000? no, this is NOT spamming. and u dont even have to give a cent.

read on.

The Western Union Foundation was created to help individuals, families and communities worldwide. The Foundation supports charitable giving programs, education and human services programs and humanitarian projects and relief efforts.

NOW there’s more work to be done, more charities to support, more money to send. Help them choose the charity to get $50,000.

the charitable orgainisations in the list are as follows:

1) CARE - Empowering women in the fight against poverty.

2) Accion USA - Transforming lives with microloans

3) Room to Read - Providing 200 years of girls education in the developing world.

4) Opportunity International - Microfinance. End poverty in Kenya now.

5) American Red Cross - Preventing, preparing for and responding to emergencies.

6) UNICEF - Whatever it takes to save a child.

7) World Vision - Building a better world for children.

all you need to do is go to “Facebook-Our World Gives”- and cast your vote. you have got one life - do something, do it now!

DO it, have got nothing to lose.


Ripalo Cal said...

oO....i tot everyone in facebook knows about these anyway...great post...

read this...its good for everyone.
ignore the title...

ch3rylism said...


well maybe everyone knows, but i only knew about it yesterday. guess i m slow. lol

anyway, it does no harm to spread the word. :)