Thursday, October 9, 2008

yummy evening that ended with rashes scare

Raspberry Chocolate Latte


last evening was great, finally get to meet up with a super good friend... havent seen her for at least half a year. food was nothing to shout about, the raspberry choc latte kept me, it made me crave for more :)

as we were sitting there, chatting and catching up... she noticed that there are rashes on my hands. it's kinda itchy, something like 风模. i didn't know what caused the rashes, hope it's not the drink coz i do plan to go and get another one to satisfy my craving. probably it's the food. coz another friend who was there with us commented that she sometimes get allergic reactions, after taking vegetarian food. well, i m not sure, coz this is not the first time i ate vegetarian food, and i have been to this place before, albeit quite a few years back.

after saying our bye byes, i decided to pop by the panel clinic on the way home. i dont want the rashes to flare up the next day. i had one bad experience with rashes, that forced me to take MC and stay home for 3 days, as the rashes will resurface when i m in air-conditioned and super cool room like the office. and it's not just the arms and legs, or the body, it even decided to pay a visit to my face. i dont want to risk looking like a monkey again, lol.

the doc gave me a jab, a bottle of calamine lotion with antibiotics and some anti-itch tablets... and i went home happily, still thinking abt the yummy raspberry choc latte. :)

thank goodness, my skin is clear now (touch wood!) ...

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