Friday, May 30, 2008

be careful what u wished for...

God is funny... ok, the thing is He is answering my prayers & I feel He's actually saying to me, "Be careful what u wished for..."

what irony. will elaborate more later

Edited @ 11 June 2008, 6.12pm

I had been praying that my boss will acknowledge more of my capabilities & recognise my work. i think i m moving forward slightly in my workplace, but that small step is enough to rock my comfort zone. days of just coming-in-to-goyang-kaki are nowhere in sight now. it's good coz i feel more fulfilled. but it means, i have more stress.

on the other side of my life, i m praying that i can do more for the people around me, for my family, my friends, my fellow church members, & even people i do not know. that's y i m volunteering for the
One Life Revolution ... coz i realised silver & gold i have none, but i do have gifts & talents that can be used to serve others.

also, my writing works are getting recognition, and i have been offered to write my second book. it's no big deal really; i m not of JRR Tolkien standard as yet. i m just writing english workbooks for primary school kids. but it means a lot to me.

so... God is answering a lot of my prayers. & i find myself sometimes running around like a headless chicken as a result of that. still, i m not complaining...yet.

moms know best...

somehow, i got mad with dearest mom, & didnt go home for almost 3 weeks (no show, no call - bad girl!). i intended to go back earlier this week, but was bogged down with workload & sickness. i was telling my friend, i m mad @ my mom, but she doesnt know about it.

TRUTH is she knows about it, and i m the one who is unaware that she knows. hmmmm.... last night i called up. she made it clear that she knew i m mad @ her, for what reason she dunno. embarrasing leh! anyway... told her i m bz with work, will visit her next week. hope she wont be mad at me, since she's highly capable of that... & sometimes, she very fast merajuk also. (& like mother, like daugher; i think i have inherited this from her)

footnote: i was mad @ her bcoz of some issues that she wont let go & let me handle on my own... kept pushing & rushing me, when there are millions of others more important things (ok, i exaggerated!) that need my attention. not to say her matters are of worthless value, but PRIORITIES... i only have a brain, a pair of hands & 24 hours a day. there's only so much i can do. i m sorry, i do sincerely wish i can give more attention to what is important to her...

Monday, May 26, 2008

my weekend...

Friday, May 23, 2008


i dunno why but it seems all of a sudden i m just so enthusiastic about these things...

i wanna do more for the people out there. i know my limitations, but i do know also my strengths. gold & silver, i have none (just enough for my survival) but i do have time, energy & talents! so i have decided to volunteer for the One Life Revolution.

i m not sure whether what i have to offer can help to change others' lives, but i believe this will change my life. in fact, i already feel blessed!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i felt the earth moved

yes, last night at approx 11pm - i felt my bed shaking mildly. yes, it freaked me out. staying alone helped to fuel my thoughts, to think that it could be the pranks of the unseen world, the world of the dead. however, recent events around the world; particularly the quake in the province of Sichuan of China; made me rethink. could it be another earthquake???

i quickly mumbled said a short prayer "Lord, please grant me peace, & may Your peace fills my heart & this home..." still, the spooky school of thought still won over (unconciously)

coincidentally, i set my alarm to go off @ midnite (needed to send a birthday SMS to a VIP in my life). & right at that time, the radio DJ (yes, in case u r wondering - i sleep with the radio on ever since my teenage days) announced that there was an earthquake earlier in Northern Sumatera. ah-ha! the shaking i felt earlier was due to that & not that spooky after all.

unfortunately that means more lives could be lost...

我还不能忘记昨晚那种情景。 那时我只想到我家人,特别是我母亲。 我想如果那时我去世了,我是否不枉此生。 生命的很多埋怨和不满突然变得那么微小。 我坚缺要好好过!

Friday, May 16, 2008

private screening of indiana jones - here i come!

harrison ford, long time no see! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

interesting tarot reading today...

how you feel about yourself now (The Lovers)
You want love or a new love in your life and a new relationship is in the offering. Even if you are not thinking about love, you’re in for a surprise. If faced with a choice this is an important one and could affect the rest of your life.

what you most want at this moment (The Emperor)
The cards suggest ch3ryl, that what you most want at this time is success and achievement, and the support and influence of perhaps your father, husband/partner or a man of significance in your life who you believe could help.

your fears (The Fool)
You are afraid of making the wrong decisions. There is a warning here that fool-hardy, impetuous actions could lead to major problems. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have control over a situation, either personal or professional. You may feel unable to complete a task or stay in a current relationship and fear the consequences of your decisions. Perhaps you know deep down that what you want isn’t really such a good thing.

what is going for you (The Hanged Man)
With patience this passive time, this time of feeling in limbo and indecision, will pass. You will know what decisions to make, what or who to let go of and how to move on. Whatever self-sacrifice you have to make you will feel a better and stronger person for it.

what is going against you (The Star)

This is a period of tension and frustrations, you feel pessimistic and fearful that your hopes will be dashed. Any bad luck you may be having is primarily down to your self-doubt and negativity. Have faith that your luck will change.

outcome (The Hierophant)

Help is at hand. If you want wise counsel and moral guidance put your trust in someone you have a lot of respect for. Don’t allow others to influence you too much with what they want you to conform to, be true to yourself. When considering your options go with tried and tested traditional values, rather than the unconventional novel approach. For example marriage is more likely to be your desire than a living together situation.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008