Friday, May 30, 2008

be careful what u wished for...

God is funny... ok, the thing is He is answering my prayers & I feel He's actually saying to me, "Be careful what u wished for..."

what irony. will elaborate more later

Edited @ 11 June 2008, 6.12pm

I had been praying that my boss will acknowledge more of my capabilities & recognise my work. i think i m moving forward slightly in my workplace, but that small step is enough to rock my comfort zone. days of just coming-in-to-goyang-kaki are nowhere in sight now. it's good coz i feel more fulfilled. but it means, i have more stress.

on the other side of my life, i m praying that i can do more for the people around me, for my family, my friends, my fellow church members, & even people i do not know. that's y i m volunteering for the
One Life Revolution ... coz i realised silver & gold i have none, but i do have gifts & talents that can be used to serve others.

also, my writing works are getting recognition, and i have been offered to write my second book. it's no big deal really; i m not of JRR Tolkien standard as yet. i m just writing english workbooks for primary school kids. but it means a lot to me.

so... God is answering a lot of my prayers. & i find myself sometimes running around like a headless chicken as a result of that. still, i m not complaining...yet.

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