Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i felt the earth moved

yes, last night at approx 11pm - i felt my bed shaking mildly. yes, it freaked me out. staying alone helped to fuel my thoughts, to think that it could be the pranks of the unseen world, the world of the dead. however, recent events around the world; particularly the quake in the province of Sichuan of China; made me rethink. could it be another earthquake???

i quickly mumbled said a short prayer "Lord, please grant me peace, & may Your peace fills my heart & this home..." still, the spooky school of thought still won over (unconciously)

coincidentally, i set my alarm to go off @ midnite (needed to send a birthday SMS to a VIP in my life). & right at that time, the radio DJ (yes, in case u r wondering - i sleep with the radio on ever since my teenage days) announced that there was an earthquake earlier in Northern Sumatera. ah-ha! the shaking i felt earlier was due to that & not that spooky after all.

unfortunately that means more lives could be lost...

我还不能忘记昨晚那种情景。 那时我只想到我家人,特别是我母亲。 我想如果那时我去世了,我是否不枉此生。 生命的很多埋怨和不满突然变得那么微小。 我坚缺要好好过!

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