Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Revisited - Jan to June

Not too late to reflect on the past year...I am going to do it month by month, trying to recall the best I could.


Ooops... I am stuck already. *thinking hard, fingers drumming on the table*

I think it was a month of uncertainties - the start of a new year brings in new hope - but yet, my heart was like a raging sea. The doubts that I had back then were resolved by Sept though when the LDR ended officially.


Significant events - CNY and Valentine's - Enjoyed spending quality time with family and friends in the first, but had a lonesome in the second. Will this year be different?


Amidst the raging sea, had fun during the Putrajaya 1st International Hot Air Balloon Fest, where I got to ride on a hot air balloon! A first in my life :)

My best friend gave birth to her princess.


Finally laid my hands on my 'dream' :) It's an entry level DSLR, but I am contented.

Completed a banner project with the children from church. A first for all of us.


Embarassingly memorable was the climb up Broga.

Was also inspired to do a special presentation for Mothers' Day, which many had commented it pulled at their hearts' strings. I hope it did not stop there.


I am getting slightly distracted by someone, but I have yet to solve the conundrum to-date. There are moments when I think there is so much going on between us... and yet there are times when I feel that I am nothing more than just a friend to him.

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