Monday, June 17, 2013

Fast & Furious

Nope, I have not seen the movie. The current situation at work now is just that - fast & furious. Work is piling, never ending ad-hoc tasks. Deadlines are continuously being brought forward.

Am just now looking forward to the coming weekend. Will be my first time to go on a cruise. Will be embarking in Penang, pit-stops at Phuket & Krabi. I have been to Phuket once, and I loved the place. Hmm, definitely on must-do list are food hunting! It's been some years but the taste of these are so memorable!
Waffles! Pic from my last trip there 5 years ago. In pic are two of my travel buddies.
Also, of late, I have discovered some other yummy Thai food which I hope to reminisce.
Super sweet mini pineapple, slightly bigger than my fist.

Luk Chup - colourful Thai dessert with mung bean paste as filling.
It will be my first trip to Krabi though. Perhaps I won't do much but just to chill at the beach. Not sure what to expect yet, but I am sure it will be both an adventure, and a memorable trip.

Now's the time to start the countdown. Sunblock - check, hat - check, comfy shoes - check, sexy swimwear - check, wait, uncheck! I am travelling with mom, oops. Lol.

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