Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am back

I am back and clear skies followed :)

The haze seems to have cleared for now, it was bad earlier in the week, so much so schools were called off - if not mistaken, worst in 16 years! Am glad that the timing of my trip was just right on dot - the places I was in were hot and sunny, haze-free.

More to come later about my recent getaway.

Right now, I have to concentrate and pick up where I left off before I went away.

A great task coming up tomorrow (one of my resolutions this year - didn't accomplish it last year, so it was postponed to this year). In fact, it had been postponed for almost 5 years now! I am a procrastinator, I admit; but this task I want to do take all of my guts and courage. It's not easy, not difficult, just overwhelmingly emotion straining.

My earlier FB status summed it all:

Please if you pray, pray with me that it will work out the best way. If you don't, cross all your fingers and toes and whatever-you-can-cross for me. Thanks much.

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