Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 CNY ads in Malaysia (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Many people will find TNB's ad this year so true in their families, especially when you have cross-generations gathering.

In my household, even when the dishes are already nicely served, it is quite a challenge at times to distract my nieces and nephew (i.e. those born in/after the 90s) from whatever activities they are indulging in - online games, videos, social media, so on so forth. Hmm... maybe I should ask mum to do what the grandma did in the advert.

Kia did a tri-series of ad, see if you can catch the humour AND the moral of each story.

There are a couple of other ads as well, but the following short story caught my attention while I was researching for this entry. Good one.

Whether you return home (as in your parents' home if you are not staying with them) daily or once a year, do know that you really do not need to wait for the right time. For this I am grateful to my family, that I can just go home any time; that I don't even need to give them a call beforehand to make an appointment. I know there are people around me who have misunderstanding with their parents or siblings; and because of the grievances and hurt they have avoided going home, even during festive times like these when reunion is the main theme. I wish that they will be healed from the bitterness, blood is always thicker than water; and that their families will be reunited once more.

May you have a new year filled with love and joy, have a 马(mar)velous year!

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