Thursday, November 30, 2006


i feel kinda depressed now coz i made a huge mistake @ work.

i m handling funds transfer for my company - cross currencies, cross countries. i overlooked an instruction to my colleagues in Hong Kong - causing a delay of 5 days!!! the funds were supposed to reach my Indonesia office yesterday. as i was outstation yesterday, i only gotta know my grave mistake yesterday evening when my CFO sms-ed me in the evening. but i cant do anything yesterday. so, i had to check & rectify the error today. managed to get my HK peers to do the transfer today, but the other side will only receive the funds on Monday (due to the weekend).

worst case is my CFO knows about this as he is currently in the Indonesian office. & he was informed about it even before i realised my error... *gulp*

it's all sorted out now, but i just feel so sad. this kind of error should NEVER ever happen. it's not twenty cents - it's USD2m+. sigh! how can i be so careless. being too busy, bogged down by work are not reasons to commit this kind of mistake.

i hope my previous hard work & contribution can minimise the impact this error has on my career, my reputation, my superior's views of me.

wish i can turn back time...sigh!

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