Thursday, May 3, 2007

lost one, gained one

was supposed to go to Penang frm 28 Apr - 30 Apr. been planning for it for quite some time, but it was cancelled just the day before the trip. sigh!
that's the loss.
the gain was an unexpected trip, planned just 2 days before the day of departure. went to kuantan for a day trip.
that's the gain.

now, i m at least 2 shades darker after coming back from the beach. (can see from the pic!)

i think life is just like that. for every loss, there's a gain. it just very well depends on whether we open our eyes wide enough to see beyond our current circumstance. often, we are blinded by the things that is right in front of us. so much so, we forgot that every cloud has its silver lining.
the trip was actually the first i had w my brother (& his wife & kids). usually my sis (& her hubby & kids) will be there. & sometimes, my mum is there too. from young, me & my brother are not particularly close. could be the age gap - 10 years difference! so i had always felt that he's a big bully.
however, recent events that happen to me has changed my insight. blood is thicker than water. tho i have always known he loves me, i didnt feel it. now, i do! :)
oh... on the tan - anyone has any suggestion for me to recover? coz i hv 1 month to do so, before going off for my next trip. :P

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