Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sweet is the taste of revenge...

...sweeter still the taste of forgiveness.

'Tis more noble to forgive, and more manly to despise, than to revenge an injury. - Benjamin Franklin

i had been having this controversial thought in my mind for the last 2 years. should i rejoice when i see a fella who had hurt me and caused me much injustice one day suffer? i could have taken revenge easily, but i chose not to... cause i have always believed that 天有眼... and therefore, i left it to the One to take avenge for me. well, the world would say it's only fair we repay kindness with kindness, cruelty with cruelty. yeah, an eye for an eye - will make the world goes blind.

well... living a super luxurious life, going for holidays half way round the globe and all - are all mere superficial stuffs as i had guessed. thankfully, this person is my history. and because i know him so well, i know somehow, he will fall. not because he is a failure, but because he has failed to see beyond his own hypocrisy and pretentious lifestyle.

tell me - what good is it if you live an empty life? when your mortgages are overdue and banks are calling you every other day? when your car has been towed by the bank? when you are blacklisted by all banks? when you have lost the one you loved, for the one you lusted? when you have caused grief and sadness in your family? when you have lost the respect from your younger siblings? trade all these with a life filled with alcohol, women, travel and gambling??? how silly...

i m not a very noble person. now at this point, all i can say is that the taste of revenge is not sweet. it's just a comfort and encouragement to know i have not 'suffered' in vain, and that there's still 天理, justice. 人善天不欺, 簡單一個道理

i do hope still, one day, he'd come to his senses and change his way...before he loses everything, including his family, his friend, or even his life.

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