Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lesson of forgiveness, faith & detachment

What happened to me this morning? Lesson of forgiveness, faith & detachment...

There I was gasping, eyes opened wide, looking at my rear view mirror… as I just sat there and wait for the bike to hit my car. I heard the loud bang, watched from the side mirror how the motorcyclist got up … I turned on the double signal, and slowly maneuvered to the side of the road. Getting out of the car was difficult with the busy morning traffic – buses, taxis, cars, motorcycles. Bumper – scratches, didn’t realize the dent on the left rear & the broken signal light. Couldn’t catch sight of the fella who hit me, all I saw was just the blurring sight of lots and lots of motorcycles, wheezing past, zig-zagging their way through the as many buses and cars. I quickly got back in the car. Checked the car again when I reached office – then only I saw the dent and the signal light – sigh… Tested and sadder still to acknowledge I can’t even open the ‘mini door’ to pump petrol.

The above was what happened to me this morning on the way to work; after the car in front stopped abruptly to avoid a bus cutting out into the middle lane where I was on. I managed to stop with ease because I was about 2 cars’ distance from the other car. But the bike! He was just going too fast, …

No, I did not manage to take down his number and I do not yet know what is the financial damage. All I know is … I want to give thanks to God for keeping me safe – that it is a bike; and not a bigger vehicle which hit mine. Thank God that I am alright and that I am still rather composed post-event. Thank God that he is alright too – that he chose to hit me, instead of colliding with the bus. A lesson of forgiveness in it for me, perhaps and a lesson of faith that the Lord will provide… Could also be a lesson to show me how attached I could be to my car.

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