Friday, August 6, 2010


The deafening sounds of the siren distracted me from my TV show ... I was wondering, "Why the siren so loud & near? The police is chasing some wanted fellas, is it?..." Yup, for the life of me, I couldn't differentiate the sirens of an ambulance, a fire engine or a police car.

I decided to take a peek, then I saw it - 3 fire engines down there & another one on the way. My heart beat so fast, my first thoughts "I better grab whatever and run..." I then noticed that the fire engines were parked near the block next to mine, and not at my block, I slowed myself down to just examine the situation more thoroughly.

The fire should be at Level 18 of the next block. Can't see much else, as the unit(s) affected is facing the other side. I stood there to watch for a few minutes, before deciding it to be safe enough not to go down.

Texted a few friends, ... and asked some to pray for peace & everyone to be safe. No ambulance sighted, so it's a a good sign.

Memorable day... my second time witnessing a fire so near. The first time was when I was a small kid, in my early primary school years. In the middle night, as I watch the one of the shoplots across the bare piece of land (large piece of land which now house the Pudu LRT station) burned.

God, please take care of those affected by the fire. Please also grant me a peaceful rest.

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WhisperingWriter said...

I hope everyone is okay.