Saturday, May 28, 2011

Am-Xplore Hunt 2011

First time on an auto hunt. Fun! But... used up too much of my brain juice. Was telling my colleague I don't even use to think so hard when working...

But all is good... we WISHED we could get Top 25 - WISHED because we really don't have much confidence.There were about 130 teams participating & we end up with 16th!!! WOW!!! Good work, mates! :)

We celebrated with a good seafood lunch the next day.

Initially we wanted to go straight home after lunch, dropping by Melaka on the way. One look at the Johor map at hand - we found out that there's a National Park nearby - the Kukup Island. So, we made a detour. Well worth it - amongst others we saw the black crabs with red claws, blue crabs, ... etc.
Tiring trip - but worth it. Best of all, we did better than expected. I think that's motivation enough.

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