Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something Good

Wow, my last post was more than 2 months ago!

I have been having problems to access my own blog. My page on Google Chrome just does not display the sign in link - and I couldn't figure out the way, except if I blog via my mobile or like now, I use another explorer. Yet I still have a footnote down on the left corner that says 'Error on page'. So keeping my fingers crossed, I hope this gets posted in the end.

I have been up to quite a bit of stuffs lately - more in the line of reflecting about my life - past, present, future. Contemplating on what I want to do and/or to be and checking my current standing to see how far off I am. Basically just lots of thinking.

So, for the time being, I may blog less (also due to demands in the workplace plus some year end plans which will keep me occupied) but I am still around, striving my best to be the best I can.

To all who read my page, thanks for hanging around and I wish you well.


Ending with a photo I took recently, while driving home from work (it is not often I could go home while the sun is still hanging around)

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