Friday, December 1, 2006

look, snake in d house!

...but luckily not in my house. pretty near, tho'...

real case -
as i was stepping out of my condo this morning, heading to the car park - there was a SNAKE in d middle of the road. i was caught frozen by d roadside. scary!!!

it's not lying there sleeping, it held its head up high. i dunno d species, it's not really big... but size doesnt matter if it's poisonous.

luckily there were 2 gardeners around, one of them took a swing at it - & i dunno, whether d snake fainted or died. so, i quickly rush to d car park, got my car & left for work.

thank goodness i dont live on d ground floor... i dun think snakes can climb up to 12th Floor, can they? unless it takes the lift, then that's another story...

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