Friday, June 13, 2008

One Life

"Changing the world, one life at a time"... this was the caption that caught my eyes and heart. it's all about that one life you touched...

Excerpt from the World Vision's blog:

"One of our visitors had a defining moment at the One Life exhibit.

This young lady always felt that her life was cursed, that nothing good ever happened and that she was always dealt a bad hand. All this changed when she walked in

Srey Mom’s shoes, one of the children featured at the One Life exhibit from Cambodia.

Having walked through the traumatic and triumphant journey of Srey Mom, this young lady realized that her life was actually blessed.

That she had so much to be thankful for and that life is what you make of it."

this is what i want to experience, and be part of. can't wait for the briefing early next month. & i shall be on duty on 12-13 July... do come by for a life-changing experience & be blessed! stay in touch, more details to follow.

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