Friday, June 27, 2008

preview of the coming weekend...

i won 2 complimentary passes to the Urbanscapes, KL's All-Day Creative Arts Festival through my photos' submission for the 24 Hour KL photo project. some photos will be chosen to be displayed tomorrow at the gallery. crossing my fingers (& toes) to at least see 1 or two of mine.

and on sunday, i shall be meeting my ex-colleagues from AMFB (which is no longer using that name now - it's more glamourously known as AmBank Group). haven't seen them for at least 2 years... looking forward for a time of rekindling & good laugh. i miss them... well those were the days of the camels.

my other group of friends are also tempting me with free GSC tickets & Starbucks' vouchers! but they are picking Sunday, & i can't make it. sob, sob; so cruel of them. got free things, but me no share. anyway, they are watching Made of Honour and Kung Fu Panda (yeah, split to 2 groups to watch movies - weird group of friends!) - never mind, i have watched both movies. it's the Starbucks' vouchers that i m eyeing... *sulk*

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