Sunday, April 19, 2009

I dreamed a dream

Middle-aged, dowdy, with thick eyebrows and an unfortunate gait, she couldn’t have looked less like a star. She may be the surprise winner of Britain’s Got Talent after she stunned Simon Cowell with her remarkable voice.
Unemployed and single, the 47-year-old has thick, unkempt hair and bushy eyebrows, and downy fuzz is noticeable across parts of her face.

Who is this we are talking about? If you don't already know by now - she's SUSAN BOYLE.

Miss Boyle told presenters Ant and Dec that she lived alone with just her cat Pebbles for company. She said: ‘I’ve never been married. I’ve never even been kissed.’She then stomped across the stage and began clumsily gyrating her hips towards the judges, prompting laughter from the audience.

A smirking Cowell asked her who she would like to emulate, to which she replied, ‘Elaine Paige.’‘I would love to be in musical theatre. I have just never had the opportunity,’ she added.

Moments later, the music mogul and fellow judges Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan were left speechless by her powerful rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables. The audience gave her a deserving standing ovation and cheered as she finished the song.

Such a corresponding song chosen and sung:

"I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed"

Susan mentioned about her dream, and people just smirked and sneered. Her dream had not been realised prior to her Britain's Got Talent victory - because she wasn't given the opportunity.

People loved her because she's like so many of us (& probably because some of us laughed at her in the first place and feel guilty thereafter!).

So many of us dreamed a dream ... but life had killed our dreams. Trying to survive in this world, trying not to lag behind in the rat race, trying to match up to our neighbours... had all killed the flame of our dream.

I remember having this conversation with my sister few months ago. I asked her, "If you could do anything you like, without any hindrance, you know, like having to take care of your kids, no money, etc - what would your dream be?"

Too often we live to please others, we do and do and do and do, trying so hard to achieve what is success in other people's eyes to gain acceptance. We have forgotten to be ourselves. Fundamentally, like I have mentioned before - we are called human beings, and not human doings.

As for Susan, I do sincerely hope she will realise her dream.

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