Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remembering you... always

Last week, my MSN Messenger status was set as "老豆,好掛住您!" and my Facebook status was "Cheryl Liew missed my late dad...老豆,好掛住您!"...

It had been years since he left us... and so many times, when I thought of him, tears well up in my eyes.

Was actually casually talking with a friend about 'beer belly' and *snap* I am again reminded of him. I remember how I used to listen to the 'grumbling' sounds his belly makes, when he's at home taking his afternoon nap. My late Dad had a 40-inch beer belly! I can still somehow feel how comfortable it was to just put my ears on his belly and listen to the 'music'.

And when I heard this song, tears start to blind my vision.

超速工作 標準情人 也似確保不到我身份 


只得你的一句 漸成為明日校訓

即使沒成就 事業未算擁有 


我感激你告知 我是你的成就 

當哭得太久 樣樣自責不夠


生於這個地球或間中會有一點傷口 你一早望透

幾多工作 幾多責任 你也不需身旁人擔心 


義氣過人 只知每位親朋 亦鳴謝你留烙印

爸爸的心血 身體中遺留 


即使不算優秀 獎盃我沒有 


跌倒不用怕羞 似是我小時候

當哭得太久 樣樣自責不夠


生於這個地球就算一剎找不到出口 你珍惜便夠

My late Dad was a man with few words... but I can remember every gesture, every word that he has spoken to me.

We may not be all lovey-dovey (if I may use that expression describing a father-daughter relationship) - but I know he loved me a lot, if not the most; amongst my siblings.

We can be so comfortable with each other that we don't need to utter a word for hours, in each other's company.

Yes, he was just a cab driver. No grand achievements. No leaving me a fortune as inheritance. Not even the finances to get me through my tertiary education. But he's the best father I ever had. He gave me the best he could.

He never discouraged me in anything I dabbled on. Of course, I was not involved with any illegal stuffs. He never hit me before (My mum takes the disciplanarian role!). He never even raised his voice at me. He never complained when I needed him to send me to college or pick me up from college after my night classes. He just never stopped loving me.

I am so missing him... but I do believe he is in a better place now. And because of that, I am happy that he is happy.

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Ever said...

Geez, my tears welled up when I read this. My dad is still around and he means a lot to me. I guess there will come a point where they will not be around and I know I will be very down as well when that happens.