Sunday, July 19, 2009

Correlation between filial piety and tiredness

I have once said "she may have more than 1 child, but i only have 1 mother."

Filial piety ... I must confess I am not good at it at all. Sometimes, I wonder why I am always the who needs to take leave and accompany my mum for her medical appointments, etc? Why not my brother? Why not my sister? (My sis did occassionally took turns with me, when it's really hard for me to take off) Why not my brother in law, or sister in law? She is half their mother, too - right?

Sigh... I am tired of being a good and doting daughter at times. Like now.
At times like now when life is throwing me more lemons that I can't make lemonade fast enough - I start to feel that it's an extra burden added upon my shoulder. How can I think that way??? I am sorry, mum... I don't love you any less. It's just hard sometimes to let you know that "it's me, it's not you". Sorry if I have not talked to you in a very nice tone. Sorry I get impatient so easily.

I really do love matter what. I have only got one 'you' - You may not really be the best mother in the world, neither am I the best daughter - but together we strive to be the best we could be for the other.

And ok, I will make you a glass of lemonade next time you drop by my place! :)


Ever said...

Yes... I get what you mean. My mom lives far away from me and I feel such guilt for not being there for her. But sometimes when I go back home, I get lazy even to bring her out. Such bad daughter me.

kim said...

Being filial to one's parents, elders, and teachers is that one must get rid of selfness.