Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sad coz... I didn't get to drink one of my fave soup - lotus root with peanuts. More sad coz... I indirectly made my mum felt guilty.

After work today, I had to fetch mum to her doctor's place in Taman Desa. As I didn't have time to have dinner, she packed dinner for me from home. Almost reaching the destination, I commented that the food smells great; I was really hungry at that time. Then only she realised she had spilled the soup; no wonder it smells so good.

She kept saying that because she's old, therefore she's useless, can't even do a simple task right, etc. She felt so guilty that it made me feel even worse. I did not voice out my disapppointment (my fave soup!), just tried to cheer her up.

I know lately many things had been causing her anxiety, my siblings' health, my nephew's health...even though, she had not been feeling well herself. 养儿一百,长优九十九。


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