Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I hate it...

when promises are not kept.

Are all bosses the same? Selfish? And not keeping their words?

What was promised me were not fulfilled, but somehow they will find excuses/reasons to justify for their (non) action. Disappointing and demotivating. Should I voice out? Or should I just bite my lips, clench my teeth and keep silent... while waiting for the right time to go?
Some people choose to 'fight back' whilst I choose the other way - I just feel that if I have to open my mouth to fight for it, it just loses the meaning. Maybe I am just too egoistic... or I am just trying to hang on to the last inch of my integrity or self-pride or whatever-you-call-it ... or I am just silly to just let people manipulate me...or maybe I just have no guts.

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