Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet Tom

First we had Tim.

Now we have Tom (the Googly Eyed Grabber)...

Who do you think my next new friend will be?

For the benefit of my non-Malaysian readers - these toys inspired by the recently screened (and screening still) animation "Despicable Me 2" were given free when one purchases a set of McDonalds kid's meal (Happy Meal). The toys are released in batches and they sold like hot bananas cakes!

So overwhelming were the fans/collectors that the toys sold out before end of the first day of the batch launch. So many hearts were broken, so many souls were disappointed - Happy Meals had become Sad Meals boo hoo hoo.

Congrats to those who managed to grab one or two or three (how can you get them so fast and how to eat so many Happy Meals???). To those who missed out, well...
Keep calm. It's only a plastic toy.

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