Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our days are numbered

Some things came up, a bit out of the blue and I have somehow be thrown off my track. Hence, the promised-but-delayed post on my recent trip, which has somehow become not so 'recent'!

Anyway, as I was still stuck in the office today, finishing some work, the view outside got my attention ...

After I the took photo above, I continued with my work and the next moment when I looked out the window again, the nice hues of the twilight moment were gone, the sun has set. While on the drive home, I was pondering about life, about my life... you know how these things go. You are going through the routines of life and suddenly you are 'inspired' to think about these things.

This reminds me how our days are numbered; how life could be so short that when we are too busy rushing about we do not stop often enough to smell the flowers (or take nice photos of the beautiful sky!). I am feeling more lifted now that I have thought it through, it's like getting a new lease of life. Yup, the problems are still there, the complications are still apparent, the solutions not yet in sight but life's much more than that, surely. Life is about being, about making it all worthwhile.

Ending this post with these verses from Psalms (I have not been a disciplined Bible reader but these verses will be what I am going to meditate on for the next few days at least):
As I stood there in silence — not even speaking of good things — the turmoil within me grew worse…We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We make our pile, and then we leave it.
Psalms 39: 2,6
P/s: Though the tone of this post sounds a little downbeat, but I am actually feeling most liberated.

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