Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beat the World

no, this is not about the Olympics starting tomorrow. it's about the World Drums Fest i attended last weekend. it was a colourful, upbeat event. great! i enjoyed myself, and even more because a friend got us some media passes. so, with that in hand - we could go nearer to the stage & capture the vibration of the beating drums less than 6 feet away. *thumbs up*

recently the heat @ work had been unbearable. crazy. i was standing in for a colleague who left, while the Company looks for a replacement. & because of this, i m stretched to the limit. beyond the point that i feel i can take. i was like an octopus, & i find that my productivity and efficiency had decreased signifcantly due to inability to concentrate on my work. my current portfolio & the one that i m temporary covering for are very much different in nature - treasury vs cost management. yeah, how similar can that be!

on one of those bad days, i even sneaked to the ladies' room to cry a tear. ugh... my CFO was trying to comfort me "i know the ship is sinking, just bear with it awhile longer", "i have pushed the HR to recruit people ASAP" (actually the HR had not even put an advert now & the guy has left >1 month already!), etc.

i don't want this to be an entry of rants & complaints, it started with a positive note, so i m ending it with one, too.

anyway my heart is no longer here, it has flown to here :) so, wish me a good weekend ahead, & a great holiday with my pals. (anyone looking for a job? we have a few positions for Management Accountants...)


mount said...

Those pics are stunning. I wish I could have been there.

Sorry about the work problems. I hope they work out for you SOON.


ch3rylism said...

hey, mount! perhaps you can come over next year when they have this event again! :)