Friday, August 15, 2008

Phuket Fantasy Part 2/3

Day 2 - woke up to enjoy a nice breakfast in front of the beach. food wasnt all that great, but the potato wedges was yummy & the omellete, too!

rushed off to go for our island hopping tour...we were running a bit late, cant blame us, the driver picked us up @ 7.30am (which was earlier than my usual working day wake up time!). so off we go, 7 of us malaysian girls & 3 aussie guys in the van.

the tour was nothing to shout about. was quite far from phuket island to phi phi island. i was feling sleepy & bored, but could not sleep. maya bay was lovely, too bad we were on a cruiser, so we couldnt go nearer.

viking cave was just viking cave. :P nothing much. cant go in anyway, coz according to the guide, it's now owned by a bird's next company which makes it a private cave.

we stopped at monkey beach for snorkelling & canoeing. i enjoyed the canoeing. havent done that for a long time. snorkelling was nothing exciting. readang island was much more beautiful with its varieties of sea creatures & corals. plus 1 hour of snorkelling & canoeing was simply insufficient.

the unforgetable part was when the monkeys at monkey beach stole our loaf of bread, which was meant for the fishes :(

after the whole thing finished, we wanted to watch sunset at phuket's prominent point - phrom trep cape. due to miscommunication with our driver - who couldnt converse in english nor we in thai - we ended up in chalong bay. but still, it was nearer to travel to phrom trep cape from there than from our hotel at karon beach.

chalong bay is quite pretty, actually. from there, we hired a nother van to go to phrom trep cape. amazing! just look at its, it was a good thing the driver left us there. :)

sunset view from phrom trep cape is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

finally we took away our dinner from phrom trep cape & patong beach & ate in our hotel room. yummy nice & cheap dinner! THB570 for 7 of us, & we had grilled fishes, papaya salad, mango salad, vege, clams, grilled pork, white rice. it's great to have so many accountants in the group! :)

after dinner, we walked around karon beach & had our massage session. thumbs up! me & my friend went for the thai massage, whilst the rest who were less adventurous went for the aromatherapy massage.

by the time we finished, it was almost midnite,... so time to go sleep. :)

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Ever said...

Gosh! is a lovely place for photography. I must make it a point to go there. Love your shots!