Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a decision that i will never regret...

...and these few days undergoing the SAP Consol (Accounts) training reaffirms that decision i made more than 10 years ago in 1996.

when i applied for college back then - i applied to take up a major in Management Accounting. the other close competitor is a major in Financial Accounting. those of you not in the field will just say - what's the big deal? both the majors still have the word "accounting" in there. true, but the similarities end there.

briefly -
Financial Accounting : deals mainly with the reporting of past data - the history
Management Accounting : deals with future, probable-to-happen data - the future

i m so glad i took MA back then. i just feel that i m not cut out to be an accountant. i m better off analysing, writing commentaries, fiddling with possible scenarios, playing with forecasts figures, predicting trends ... those tasks make me more alive.

many people have commented to me, in front of me, by the side of me, behind me --> accountants are boring. well, u cant really blame them - they are dealing with dead, historical data most times. but don't underestimate them - ever heard of creative accounting?

last but not least - i m proud to say that i m a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (yes, showing off i am just because i can! haha.)


limcyam said...

Welcome to the Accountant's world...

Your are one of the new breed (like me).... and the traditional number's cruncher are already dead.... leaving us behind.

I am proud (now my turn to show off...) to say that I am just fellow member of ACCA.


Falcon said...

i think as long as you love your job and passionate about it...then how could anyone find it boring....