Wednesday, September 23, 2009

C+ for self

Yes, that's the grade that I am giving myself. It was a hectic Sunday - left home by 9.30am, and by the time I reached home it was already 11pm. Overall I had fun, a very good learning experience.

At certain points, I felt intimidated by my lack of skills, experience and gear, hence the previous entry. My confidence had already been shoved down the drains due to somebody's comments earlier in the week. Yet time and again I remind myself - "Photography is more than just your skills, your gear or even your creativity. It's about your heart." Every click of the camera, every push of the shutter button - let it come from your heart. Maybe some would feel that I am just making excuses but excuse me, can you deny that each photo tells a story, each picture a thousand tales?

So, over the weekend, I felt I have learned so much more than I anticipated. It's not about acquiring new skills - it's about discovering what I am good at and what I suck at. And with that knowledge, looking forward to continuosly improve myself. One step at a time, at my own pace.

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