Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photography, art and ...

Photography is an art. Just like an artpiece, each photo reflects the photographer's view of the subject, the photographer's state of mind, the photographer's point of view, the photographer's emotions at the time when the shot was framed and the shutter button pressed.

Recently I was taking some photos at a friend's wedding. Yeah, that was the task that I blogged about in the last two entries.

So, what inspires this third entry? I was having a casual chat with one of my friends. He commented that somehow the photos I took evoked a feeling of sadness. He was actually the first person who thinks that way. Other friends who have seen the same set of photos have commented otherwise. Hmmm, how interesting.

It makes me think and hence, the conclusion I get is per the first para. But it doesn't stop there. To every person who sees the photo, they will in turn form their own interpretation of what they see, think and feel or their perception of what story the photographer is trying to tell.

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