Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lost my mind

Needed to shop around for dresses, the months of wedding dinners are here. So there I was, happily flipping through racks of clothes at those boutiques along the streets of Telawi.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately - no dress caught my fancy. So I decided to continue my hunt elsewhere.

Whilst I was waiting in line to pay my parking, I was rummaging my bag for my wallet. Coin purse, notebook, hand lotion, a story book, ... hmmm, where is my wallet? I stopped myself before I panic and start to pour all my bag contents on the floor, in the middle of Bangsar Village.

I reminded myself to keep cool, and started to walk to my car to try find some loose change and notes.

All the way I was thinking to myself, how careless and mindless I was. I was without any form of identification on me, no legal proof that I can drive on the road, no money save for a couple of Ringgits in my coin purse plus those loose change I keep in the car. I wasn't worried that I dropped my wallet, I was quite sure I had left it at home.

Good thing was I had more than enough to pay for parking. I dare not go elsewhere, except home... I mean, where else could I go with no IC, license and money?

I have been known as a blur person, even careless at times. I have had experiences of forgetting stuffs, but I guess this was the furthest I have gone away from home without my wallet. Hope it won't happen again.

After Thoughts
1) The moment I realised I forgot my wallet, I was virtually 'scrolling' through my list of friends - thinking of who is the best person to call for help. Which of my friend will, despite whatever they are doing at the moment, come & rescue me? Would you?

2) As to why it happened, I guess my mind was abducted by some strange creature named 'man'. Not only these creatures capable of stealing your hearts, they can do likewise with your minds. My dear female friends, be wary; and don't say I didn't warn you.


BenO said...

What?! You went to Bangsar Village and didn't even ring me up for yam cha? Oh, it was a Saturday? Ah well, must be at home then. LOL!

Oh, and by the way, these creatures called 'man' and wo'man', in Earthly terms, can give us a very good sense of security. After all, some animals do protect. Ah, but it's not all lovey-dovey all the time, though. As the saying goes, you always hurt the one you love. Monsters can emerge from these "lovely" creatures too. So it's not really gender-specific.

You can live with them, you can't live without them. Ah, such is the roller coaster that is life. God has such a great sense of humour, eh?

ch3ryl said...

did i mention that my hp was on low batt? all i could think of was quickly find some $$ to pay the parking n reach home as quickly as i can. :)

agree with the 'monsters' bit, hehe. *wink* it's ok, we are all humans afterall.