Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Ambition

Remember those days in school when the homework of the day is to write an essay on your ambition? Remember what you wrote?

As for me, I never failed to write down my ambition to be a teacher. Yes, I can hear your groan and snicker. Or was that my own? Anyhow, that was what my mum asked me to write. I never wanted to be a teacher. Nope, the 5 day weeks and months of holidays in a year were tempting but no.

Deep inside, top on my list - I wanted to be a newscaster. Those days, I admire people like Mahadzir Lokman, Patrick Teoh and Wan Zaleha Radzi. Amazing that I could still remember their names after 20 odd years, when I have forgotten countless names, even of those I have just met in college. That goes to show how deeply etched were their influence in me. I guess I was just mesmerized by how well they could speak with just few glances at the paper. Amazing! Hey, I was in primary school - I didn't know then that there was a TV with rolling script right next to the camera, ok???

I was even thinking that it doesn't matter if I don't read the news on TV, I wouldn't have mind doing it on radio. I guess I simply love reading and had always loved to read aloud. Even to this day.

Next up, I wanted to be a lawyer. It seems so much like a glamorous job (& pays well). Of course, fate has it that my parents could not afford to send me to law school. No, that was just an excuse. fact is I am just not smart enough nor have that much hard disk space to contain those thicker than the Bible endless volumes of books. I guess I was lucky not ending up to be a lawyer, I don't think I would have survived in that tough arena.

So, I end up where I am now. Still searching at times on what I want to do, what I like to do, what I can do and what I end up doing. However, ambition is an important fuel to life, it gives us hope, it gives us something to dream about, it gives us something to look forward to... (and it gives us something to blog about when we have one week break from work!)

Stop dreaming, and you'll stop living.

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kenwooi said...

my ambition was to be an engineer.. coz it makes lots of money, i think..
and here i am.. a graduate from software engineering.. =)