Saturday, March 23, 2013

I could sing of Your love forever

Celebrating Earth Hour - even as lights are turned off, the light of Your love will shine forever.

So when lights are out, what's there to do? Some Earth Hour ideas you might consider (well, not necessarily only for Earth Hour only):

For adults:

  • Lovey dovey under the covers, wink & nudge :)
  • Candle light dinner - who says it has gotta be romantic? Try having one with family and friends.

  • Starry, starry night - Check out the night sky of your city and be washed in amazement with its beauty

Children can have a wonderful time too, well adults can play these games as well:

  • Play hide and seek in the dark
  • Sound charades! - guess the sound you are acting out
  • Touch and guess - almost like a mystery box, prepare items with different textures, let the child guess what is the item.

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