Sunday, March 3, 2013

That's what friends are for go through life's ups and downs together.

For these blossoms, to share a time of togetherness through rain and shine at my balcony, speaking of which the weather these days is so hot. (Highest today is up to 34°C. Makes me just wanna hide indoor!) 

I wonder if you are just like me. As I grow older, I find that the friends I have are becoming lesser. New friends are made every now and then, but friends who have stuck by my side through life's seasons may just be that couple few. Yet, I am grateful for them. The Chinese says  人生得一知己,死而無憾 - meaning you will have no regrets in life if you have had a confidant.

How is a friend and confidant different? A friend may be a confidant, but a confidant is definitely a friend. A confidant is a trusted someone who helps one to reveal the inner thoughts or intentions. Deep, eh? So, do you know who is your friend? Who is your confidant? 

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