Friday, May 10, 2013

Dawn of a new era

Last weekend saw the nation entering into a new era. On 5 May 2013, Sunday, Malaysia held her 13th General Elections.

I shall not detail on things that happen but all I can say is that I have never realised how much I love the country until that moment last Sunday.

It was 5pm - the gates to the polling station was closed. Supporters from both coalitions gathered near the main entrance and sang the national anthem. It had been some time I had sung the 'Negaraku' with so many fellow Malaysians - I did not see people of different backgrounds, races, religions, cultures - I only saw Malaysians.
I love you, Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku
The results of the 13th GE did not leave many people too happy. Since the results were announced, most (I'd say) friends' FB profile picture had turned black...

Meanwhile I had this up as my cover photo to encourage fellow Malaysians not to lose hope.

I have just changed it to a sunrise shot I took this morning. It is always darkest before dawn. Morning is here.

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