Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How can I escape Your love?

In the space 4 days I have been to the hospital twice - to visit 2 of my friends' mothers who were warded for different reasons. Life is fragile - that is definite. Life is unpredictable - that is definite. Life is beyond our control - sometimes. Life is in His hands - always.

On the drive home from the hospital just now, an *old song (Your Love) keeps playing in my head:
Where can I go from Your Spirit? How can I escape in Your love?
Your love for me is deeper than the sea and higher than the heavens above

Where can I flee from Your presence, Now that You abide in my heart
My heart is Your home, Your temple, Your throne so what could ever keep us apart

Your love is higher than the heavens. Your love is deeper than the ocean
Nothing in creation can take me away from Your love
Your love, there is nothing greater. Your love there is nothing stronger
You came to me, gave Your life
So I could be free

*It's probably not that old but I first heard it almost 10 odd years ago, perhaps it is more recent, my memory fails me a fair bit these days.

Ending with an edited photo of today's morning sky

Even in the midst of life's fragility and unexpected turn of events (for better or worse in our eyes) - let us not forget who is truly in control. HOPE is alive. And every day, EVERYDAY there is a reason why we live - there is a reason why we can still face today, tomorrow...

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