Monday, May 20, 2013

Me workaholic?

No longer am so, and I am so glad!

Workaholic defined:
A person who compulsively works hard and long hours.

If you are wondering whether you are one, check these 10 signs and mark your ticks:

I still remember those days when I get out of the house early morning and don't get home till 10-11 at night, which translates to 12 solid hours of work work work (plus an hour or less of lunch break). Crazy times when I did not get to spend time to have a proper meal - breakfasts at the work desk (still do!), rushed/quickie lunches and missed/late dinners.

I am just glad those days are over (I hope). Well, the reason I worked so long hours those days was partly I was a fresh graduate back then - being wet behind the ears - I strived and gave it my best that I may learn as fast as I can, especially when I had more experienced peers reporting to me. The other reason was because I had a demanding superior - who was an utmost perfectionist yet who seem to leave everything to the last minute. Enough said.

I am still learning, but as I age, I have garnered more experience and also am able to dictate my own working pace. I still work hard but I have also learned to work smarter.

The recent news of a Chinese man who died due to overwork is not had happened before, and I don't wish it to happen to me. As much as I want to have a more comfortable life (who doesn't?), I have also learned that contentment is bliss and work-life balance is really, really important. Important not just to keep our sanity and not just preventing one from turning into a zombie - important to our health and affect other areas in our lives (eg: relationships) too.

So to my friends who are still trapped in their work - I hope you will find liberty real soon. Remember, working long hours does not translate to working hard.

Ending with this infographic:
Source: Daily Infographic

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