Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Cute Pancreas It Is NOT

Mum complained of progressively severe abdominal pain last Sat which began in the morning, and finally was sent to the Emergency Ward in the evening around 7pm.

The pain was diagnosed as acute pancreatitis, she was taken in for abdomen xray but no stones spotted. Gall bladder stones that get stuck in one of the ducts could be a reason of the inflammation in the pancreas.

Blood test result out at around 3am and showed her amylase level was 1984, normal range <100 . Surgeon was called in but he only arrived an hour later.

After the surgeon's examination, no surgery was needed so she was referred to the gastro clinic. Another hour went by. The gastro specialist came to see her at about 5am and confirmed the early diagnosis. It was confirmed that she had to be admitted (don't ask me why, but this is the painful process of getting into a government hospital).

I finished the registration procedures by 6am but there was no bed available in the ward. I was exhausted by then, didn't sleep all night and all. Finally waited till 7am and told the nurse I just need to go home to take a short rest and will be back to the hospital. I reached home and took a nap, and got back to the hospital by 11am.

Mum told me they finally transferred from the emergency to the medical ward at about 8am. She was taken to do ultrasound by noon and second blood test conducted. Ultrasound results confirmed no stones blocking the ducts (doc says it is a good thing). Pancreas was still inflammed as white blood cells count went up. I left the hospital at about 7pm, full blood test results not out yet.

Mum was put on a full fast and she was on drips.

The following updates are per what I posted to my church group on FB:
Update, 19 Aug morning
She looks stronger and has been allowed to drink plain water.
Amalyse level down to 916 and no reported fever.

Update 19 Aug, evening
Improved condition, she had just been transferred to normal ward. Amylase level down to 366, white blood cells count still increasing.

Update 20 Aug, morning
Improving, she's allowed on liquids already. Lesser abdominal pain.

Update 20 Aug, evening
She looks more energetic, and she could bathe on her own now. Blood test results are late today.
Am thankful for an understanding boss, I had been getting to work late at 10+ and leaving early at 4+. I dunno what some people at work think of me, but I am trying my best to keep my work up to par; working extra hard during the few short hours.
Am also thankful for friends who are  constantly encouraging me - not just with their calls, messages but also through action. They visited my mum and helped me took care of her in those hours I can't be there and even bought me dinner, knowing that I will be there in the evening.

Update 21 Aug, morning
Mixed news.
She's better in the pancreas dept, allowed on soft solids, stopping drips.
Her left foot is painful since yday and this morning swollen. Xray taken, I didn't manage to stay for results.

Update 21 Aug, evening
Mum's leg swelling has not gone down, pending blood test. Xray showed swelling not due to joint. Doc's preliminary diagnosis is skin inflammation. She's not able to stand due to the pain.
No more abdominal pain.

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