Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Discharged and...

Life goes back to 'almost' normal.

Mum was discharged on Sunday evening, she is resting at home now.

Excerpts of my FB updates:
Update 22 Aug, evening
Better, even though her foot is still swelling. She managed to shower on her own in the morning. She is more cheered up, shared with her on some friends' latest FB photos and showed her how to use a phone's touch screen.
Another xray done on her lower back, I'm still waiting to see the doc.

Update 23 Aug, evening
Foot is still swollen, but looks better. She was given antibiotics drips since yesterday.
Started to eat solid foods. Showered on her own for 2nd consecutive day.
I have no chance to speak to the doctors today, will be there tomorrow to get latest findings.

Update 24 Aug, morning
Mum's almost ready to be discharged (maybe tomorrow). Will undergo final blood test later today.
Spoken to the gastro specialist, whom had advised for surgery of gall bladder removal. She will be referred to the surgeon for follow up after this.

Update 25 Aug, morning
Latest blood test shows amylase level is now within normal range at 53 (from 1984 on Day 1).
Swelling at foot has subsided.
Doc says has to observe for a while more before releasing her as she complains of minor abdominal pain.
She feels better after I took her down to the small garden for a walk before lunch. The place was full of the fragrance of jasmines.

Update 25 Aug, evening
Finally done with settling her discharge documents, paid the bills and mum is on the way home with my brother at 5pm.
I was given a long list of follow up appointments with different doctors - she has to see the gastro specialist, the surgeon, the orthopedic and her usual psychiatrist. So life is back to 'almost' normal for now.

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