Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrating ME Day

Over the long weekend - I decided to take a day off from church & spent a good day at discovering a new place for coffee & browsing through an art market. Wonderful day, well spent.

First stop - Typica Cafe 豆原 @Shaw Parade, my first time here. It's a quaint little place - with just 4 tables and two long benches.
At the table I sat at - a vase with roses... 

The menu - they are famed for the siphon coffee & ice drip coffee. I finally decided to try something different - Ice Coffee with Chocolate Milk & Mint and Black Sesame Cheese Cake. Nice! :)


My table looks like a school desk.

After my brunch - I went to the Kaka Creative Art Market, which is held on every first Sunday (that's why gotta skip church, ooppss!). They have a different theme every month - February is the month of  LVE.

Love this stall which had all these cute piggies, hedgehogs and sheep made with clay.

Market on ground floor, view from 2nd floor.

Lots of pretty & creative handmade stuffs here, which of course we can shop online for, but nothing beats seeing & touching the goods for real. Wonderful, wonderful. Wish I could do this more often.

After-thought: I wish I could be like some of these vendors. Made me think - what am I good at? So good at, that I just wanna share with people... and hopefully make some money out of it. I wish... 

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