Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stay away, negative peolple

Negative people gets me down. Non-stop complaining and grouchy people gets me down-er. Most times, I just avoid them... except when they are my own flesh & blood, who sometimes treat me as the Complaints Bureau.

I fully understand the reason why they are so, and I could even empathise with them in some circumstances. However, one can't be perpetually sad & whining about everything. Can't and shouldn't.

Of course, I do realise they could be genuinely unhappy. I said 'could be' because deep inside, I know there is a tinge of attention seeking in the reason behind.

They are unhappy because they do not have JOY in their life. They do not have JOY because they are holding on to too much of the past and the sad/bad things that had happened, happening and may happen. These thoughts had hinder them to see beyond - had blinded their eyes to the silver lining.

How can I help? I do not know. I am just very tired now, emotionally and mentally. It hurts me too because they are hurting...but sometimes, I feel so strained that I wish I could just be 'excused' from their lives momentarily. I am so selfish. I feel bad to put it that way. In saying that, does it mean I am also a negative person myself, as I am unable to elevate myself from the negativity and let my emotions be affected?

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