Monday, August 21, 2006

crash! boom! bang!

last saturday noon, my car was hit by a 3-tonne lorry as it was reversing. the driver didnt see me (i guess it was one of the blind spots) - & he also didnt hear my horn (mayB it's time for me to change to air-horn).

thank God i m still alive. the damage to my car is at the right side, further front from the driver's door where the tyre is. i m not sure how to gauge the impact, but the headlights were ok, side signal lights were ok, the side mirror was ok, just the side & the tyre - .... that was quite bad. since the lorry was practically huge & long, no damage was sighted on his vehicle.
i told the driver when i got down, even if i m dead inside my car, his lorry would still see no damage at all. i was just furious. i still cant really accept that it happened (even now, 2 days after the incident).

my friend commented that i should have just abandoned my car then... but that did not cross my mind at all at that time. i love my car a lot, & the feeling just sucks right now. guess, the only way to console myself is that i m unhurt...well, at least not physically.

now, my car is in the workshop, & it's highly inconvenient for me to commute to/fro work without my own car, i may just move & stay over at my mum's place for the next few days.

to my dearest family & friends ---> sorry to make u people worried - i m ok, just still feeling kinda in the dumps at the time being. now the next thing is hopefully i can get my car back real soon.

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